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a way to Setup BOT CHANNEL LOCKS in Discord!

Hello every person and welcome back to. another video. so today men like the title says. i'll be showing you. a way to create bot channel locks. so sincerely this implies as an example if. i have. a dino channel now i'm gonna upload the. bots. but so if i've a dino channel. and a me6 channel so within the dyno channel. i in simple terms favor dino. in this channel and iin the me 6 channel. i in basic terms prefer me 6 in this channel. i don't need to say use a dino command. like. assist in the me 6 channel. so that is what bot channel locks are i. would be locking. bots to sure channels. i'll be displaying you alternative ways. of this firstly you may straight up. a twin of lock the bot from the channel. and the second way. is by simply not letting them respond. so i'll be showing you the two ways in. modern-day video and. yeah devoid of further ado let's get.
all started. so just certainly quickly guys so bot. channel locks. i'm gonna upload it you have to make sure. which you click on off administrator. due to the fact if it has administrator this. won't paintings he could have the rest but. simply now not administrator. and okay let's complete the captcha and. alright see you with dino. okay so i'm lower back right here with me six. and dino in my server. now genuinely soon i am simply going to move. over right here to server settings i go. to do roles. after which i am simply going to create a. rapid field roll. and just aa really quick owner roll. sorry owner. i go to make sure that the landlord. rolls up here and growth. now i'm simply gonna supply it to dyno. genuinely quickly and to me six you do not. have to do that but. i identical to to be organized. all right so within the dino channel i in simple terms. prefer dyno so what i'll do.
Discord Poll Bot on edit channel i'll go to. permissions. then what i will do is you may. either add the dino roll. or due to the fact frequently you invite bots and. they do not have a job. so just add the member i'm just. i'll add the two i'll start. out with the dyno roll because you simply. do a similar with both. so now what we need dino to do we don't. now we want diana to determine this channel. and he already does. so ideal but we have now me six we do. now not want me six to even have the ability to. be have entry to the channel so what we. do to the me six role. you can now like if you may just take. away every little thing but. what i choose to do is x the read. messages and. x send messages so now. me six is gone and if i attempt to use assist. it won't paintings. okay like i feel that is not simply my. cyber web right here it is perfect. help and it doesn't work notwithstanding if i.
Use the dyno assist command. it does paintings i am getting the dm from dyno the. help ideal. so now let's just do a similar to me six. so we are gonna just chuck in the dyno. roll and we are gonna go out out of the two. and then additionally i will just gonna throw in. the dyno member. after which go out out the two and increase so now. if i run the dyno command. it won't paintings but the me6 command. will work. ideal alright so and there's a further. aspect that i'm gonna show you. and it's having the ability to see the bots in. the channel yet no longer have the ability to use it so. let's return to dyno. and that i can just soon delete these. messages. waveclaw18 pronounced help i i admire that meme. it sounds so very similar to a meme simply that. voice. but very well so now surely soon. here is what to do. so let me just quickly take out the me. six roll remove me six. just to expose you from scratch all right.
Me six is back in the channel. perfect alright so what we're gonna do. now. is i'm gonna a dead ringer for edit channel. lower back. permissions i am gonna hit the me6 roll. i am gonna provide him examine but now not send. and essentially now me six would be capable. to study the channel so you'll nonetheless be. ready to point up and stuff. however if i run the help command he. won't respond. oh my gosh very well perfect. that's how to set up those bot channel. locks. now what's astonishing to me is that like. a ton of servers that i am in. in fact like does not have it don't have. this. so yeah that's essentially the way to create. bot. channel locks in case you enjoyed this video. ensure you depart a like ranking down. less than and of course. hit the subscribe button hit the little. bell click all. notifications and naturally join my. discord link in the description.