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In the journey of life, there comes a time and season when we go through valleys of life. “You are Great” reminds us of God’s greatness at such times. Mercy Chinwo is a strong believer in ‘The Word’ She describes her Lord as a ‘Strong Tower’. On this track, she praises her God with her talent and honed skills. Nothing and nobody can stop Mercy Chinwo with her ‘Strong Tower’ of Faith. This song personalizes experience with God and fully expresses the intimate love and walk with God.
McDowell’s powerful leadership brings new power to his large ensemble of congregants. Call and response is a new concept for me and most churches that are majority-white. First, you need to have solid support vocals that can sing the song’s tune and feel. Here’s some latest gospel songs you can hear and sing in Nigeria. They were released recently but their popularity is already high. The spiritual atmosphere they create, the modern rhythms, and the perfect manner of the performers will surely enchant you, too.
Her latest project titled ‘POWER IN MY PRAISE’ was recorded on the fifth of December 2020 and the “Power in my Praise” is set to be one of the gospel anthems of the year. Lihle’s musical career started at a very tender age and by age fifteen, she had started leading worship in school. She appealed to her fans to support her by watching the video and listening to the song. Smokie Norful is proof that talent within the church can be as abundant as outside. Many of today’s secular superstars started singing in church. Norful, a John Legend-like talent, is my favourite.
I hope this list of black gospel songs is helpful and enjoyable.Praise Worship Music uploaded 402 videos on youtube.You can give these social vices different names such as corruption, banditry, kidnapping, killing and terrorism, they are all direct consequences of sustained absence of love for one another.45Min High Praise And Worship | The praise song throw you into a reflecting mood as it takes you back to your beginning and reminds you of how God has been there for you.
My mood determines my preferred song at every given time. “My Praise” inspires the culture of gratitude to God. “Jesus Never Fails” restores hope and faith in God. “We Adore You” supports the act of total submission to God, while “Love in Crisis” speaks to the need to love one another.
Her music is a blend of genres that transcend a specific category, with flavours from diverse traditions. Soul-lifting music from different gospel music ministers entertained worshippers who gathered to witness this year’s event tagged, “Shabach Night” to express gratitude to God for the eventful year against all odds. Nigeria Gospel MInisters – Perpetual Kpeke has blessed lives and engaged audiences in profound praise-worship through live ministrations at various events and crusades across the country over the years. Her official debut as a recording artist is marked by her double-single/new-release “Nothing Impossible” & “Praise God With Me,” each accompanied by a music video available on her YouTube channel. Another fantastic example of a worship leader at work is this song.
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She amplifies the miracle in the situation; hence, giving a reason to testify. She released her career-defining track ‘Testimony’ in 2015. She excelled in her gospel genre with quite an ease. Growing up in a Christian family, gospel music came to her like second nature. Lihle Adeyemi who wears many hats among which are psychotherapist, mother, wife and global influencer also functions effectively as a worship leader and preacher. She has a calling to empower men and women across the globe by equipping them with the wisdom and knowledge they need to fulfill their divine destinies.

UK Based Contemporay Gospel Artist, Remilekun has dropped the audio and visuals for her new single, “Yin O Medley – a unique blend of new praise thanksgiving medley, produced by ace music maestro, Wole Oni. Mercy Nnenda Chinwo was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on September 5, 1990. Chinwo began singing at the age of eight, first in her church’s children’s choir and then in the adult choir before embarking on her musical career. This song has been dubbed refreshing and uplifting worth sharing, a song somber in colour, incorporating full strings, acoustic piano cover with an top-line electric piano.
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You can find these songs and download them as MP3 files or watch videos. The music video to the song “I Testify” by gospel music sensation Ada Ehi was released January 18, 2016, and in the space of 9 months has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube. Download soaking deep worship songs in nigeria by Dr paul enenche, apostle joshua selman, apostle johnson suleman, lawrence oyor, theophilus sunday, dunsin oyekan, and other ty... I do not have any favorite, as they speak to different circumstances of life.
Praise Worship Music uploaded 402 videos on youtube. Sinach started singing as a hobby, while being a choir member at Christ Embassy. She is one of the most celebrated Nigerian gospel singers, with many accolades to her name. According to her, the song is to help Christians all over the world recognise Jesus as the solution to today’s hurting world.
[…] Also Download Ancient of days by Gozy Williams ft... Some people wonder why different music styles exist. “You’re bigger” is a tour de force about God’s power.
We bring you the best of Agatha Moses Songs Dj Mix. This is a compilation of all Agatha Moses songs list including the praise and worship Song we sing in church service. Download Nigerian praise and worship songs listened all over the world including london Uk, us, etc.
Praise be to God Almighty, the one with all the answers we seek. Mr. M & Revelation recently recently released a single ‘Onye inye Akam ‘ which has gotten thousands of streams and positive reviews. As I shall be using this solfa to worship God I pray so shall God Almighty be happy with you in heaven in Jesus name.
You can add any songs that you think I have missed in the comments below. Hammond is a solid encouragement to believers with “No Weapon.” It’s a joy when worship leaders teach and encourage their congregation. God desires every worship leader to be as skilled as Hammond in leading his people. With his high-energy singing and incredible guitar playing, you’ll find yourself exactly there.
This song transcends culture, style, and background. As a child, I can recall singing this song in my predominantly white church. deliver us lyrics is unique in that it’s powerful regardless of how you perform it. Although anyone can be a singer, it takes an extraordinary gift to lead worship.
Nelly K is an amazing minister of the gospel, an excellent music minister, a songwriter, vocalist and an anointed worship leader rising fast in the gospel music industry in Africa and beyond by the grace of God. Her passion for Christ including the undeniable and distinct power present in all her ministrations set her apart. A huge compilation of Nigerian praise and worship songs and tonic solfa, suitable for worship leaders, musicians and singers.
This song brings worship leadership to the next level. He almost takes the congregation by his hand to the Lord’s presence. This guy can teach you something, no matter your background. Nigeria leading music group Mr. M & Revelation releases another praise medley titled ‘Praise The Lord‘. The medley features popular Nigerian songs obtained from public domains.

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It has brought with it hope at a time when Covid Pandemic has ravaged nations and concomitantly catering to artists when options for outdoor events and gatherings have been deemed inappropriate. We amplify your spiritual hunger and thirst all day, all night with powerful messages. 45Min High Praise And Worship | The praise song throw you into a reflecting mood as it takes you back to your beginning and reminds you of how God has been there for you. It is a Contemporary Gospel song with Rock music infusion. It tells of the wonders and possibilities that are embedded in spirited praise with truth. Twitter, @ausglo, Facebook, Austin Adigwe, and YouTube, Augustine Adigwe.
There is a saying that the person whose home is peaceful is the one that sees and forgives. We must stop fighting God in the name of fighting our diversity. Nobody chose how, where and when he/she was born nor his/her first language. If God distributed us on the surface of the earth without our consent and input, how naïve we are trying to alter the works of God. gospel music songs for music resonates in my childhood and teenage memories, coloured with membership of various cultural dance groups, church choir and college brass band.
Her songs are a blend of gospel and inspirational music. She is the founder of Remilekun Hope Foundation, a charity organisation with a vision to support the less privileged with priorities for girls, children and vulnerable women. No, I don’t charge to minister the gospel of Christ to worshippers.
Out of a huge number of these beautiful songs, we have written ‘30 Nigerian Praise-worship songs with tonic solfa’ for musicians and worship leaders who would need to play them on their instruments and sing as well. The songs are already in use for worship services in the churches and other outdoor programmes. We try as much as possible to notate the melodies to a near-perfect, for the copyright songs, and the songs by the unknown authors. Join her from all around the world in lifting up the name of Jesus.
It is a slow pace yet fully accentuated song owing to the inclusion of the percussion section and the real traditional sound to match the lyrics. In this beautiful song released on September 2020, the 4 Million view and counting is an indication of how impactful and successful it has been. Some of the reviews received pointed to the song being uplifting, “Full”, Danceable, Relatable and some wished they were even Nigerian from Mercy Chinwo’s expression. “Praise God With Me” is a compilation of songs dedicated to thanking God for everything He has done. The song combines African rhythms with modern components to create a lively praise jam.
“We have done the things we never knew we could do”. Shanah Manjeru, an artiste from Nairobi, Kenya is the youngest ever nominee of All Africa Music Awards . The 13-year-old singer was nominated for her song, God Will Make a Way. “Arojinle is an intense worship song that reveals the numerous goodness of God to mankind, many of which we take lightly or look at as insignificant” She notes on her YouTube page.
Emmanuel Briggs Teams Up With Tosin Bee In New Praise Jam, "my Love"
I wish I could do the same with his piano and vocals in this song. It’s hard to find something better than hearing strong women lead worship. This powerful tune by Leonard and Sheard will ruin you. Mr. M & Revelation have built a strong reputation and consistently contibuted to the music industry with highy anointed songs.