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It is most suitable to choose a length of 3-5 cm above the knee. Many girls with fleshy flesh have relatively round waists and abdomens, and have thick legs and large hips. You can use A-line skirts to cleverly cover up this shortcoming, revealing slender ankles, which can enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses. The straight H skirt is also very suitable for covering thicker thighs. It's wrong to look for thin clothes, but ignore its own color system, which is wrong! Because light-colored clothes are lighter and more eye-catching, it will bring a sense of visual expansion and the line of sight will be focused. It will also double up your body. The light color has a sense of expansion funtimevegas trendzofaustin bustiercorsettop spajaponika okaydogshop kitchen the dark color shrinks, so fat girls should wear dark and light clothes together, which will avoid excessive expansion of the light color alone and heavy dark color alone. Thin. Many slightly fat girls always like to buy clothes one size larger, thinking that they can hide all the flesh and look so thin