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HOST YOUR DISCORD BOT 24/7! (Something.Host)
howdy everyone welcome back to another. video it's dashcraft and in present day. video i'm going to help you men you. guys will be able to host your personal. discord bot 24. 7. this is totally the best. movies i ever wanted to show you guys i. already made a video approximately this like me. six months in the past in fact i'll simply investigate. as we speak it has been like six months that. i made a internet hosting video and in today's. video i am gonna introduce you guys one. of the best web hosting service today. it is not gonna go idle. by way of a long way the finest hub.gg even marketed. this on their own web site. and this internet hosting service is simply bombing. everywhere and uh. they partnered with me so i'm gonna pass. forward and show you guys how you guys. will be capable to host your individual discord. digi spot. on something that hosts first off. thanks for whatever that hosts.
Sponsoring smile bot discord for modern video. every single factor i'm gonna do present day. video every link i am gonna go i'm gonna. be a link in the description. as earlier than i do each of my movies. you can also join into our discord. server due to the fact we in many instances placed a few. style of promotions i assume on there. uh for a number of the hosts due to the fact we're. companion in actual fact with them and um i. hope you men enjoyed. this video if you are gonna enjoy it pass. ahead and join it and prefer the. video. and uh yeah that is very nearly it guys. let's go to video o.k. so let's pass. forward and seek whatever dot host. um i don't genuinely really need to be. concerned about this because it's simply. actually something that turned into that is. it nothing else when we are in here we. can see a number of stuff the roads are. looking quite good so. if you look in this thing right here it's.
Gonna automatically ask us for an. account so this is essentially we are able to log. in so if i click this one it is gonna. say sign into your account if you don't. have any money owed essentially you're. due to the fact that's why you are watching this. video. if so you're gonna click. create account so right now click. create. account and um it should be. automatically growing ok so. right here we're so in here i am gonna pass. forward and set a username and an electronic mail. tackle or anything like that. i'm gonna placed the username um fill out. those informations password electronic mail. tackle i. agree and then verify your email tackle. and once you've executed this try to be. able to log. in and right here we are within the login vicinity if. you click this log and as you'll discover. it is gonna automatically for logging. move ahead and log into your account and.
Once you're logged in and that is in which. we are gonna start hosting our bots so. i'm simply gonna move ahead and. begin to log in um with you guys i am. going to educate you the way guys can do that. so let's move ahead. and start off by means of creating a new provider so. absolutely click the service right here and. then click on order new carrier. and there we go we have we've. every little thing in right here we have minecraft. hosting and discord bot web hosting. um provider so we are gonna click this. configure server. and uh once you click on the configure. server it is gonna show you the options. so we don't need to click on. any other plans that we have here apart from. to be able to. purchase them i imply they're fantastically cheap. although like in case you evaluate it to the. different. internet hosting prospective buyers they're boogie go by using. itself ram for under like. six pounds there isn't a lot simply announcing.
There is actually nothing an excessive amount of. costly it has the finest and cheapest. minecraft server internet hosting i ever visible. just have to simply click this. upload to cart thingy and once you've executed. this it says you've successfully. added for your cart and then click on. view card as you'll discover i have already. this. you do not have to even use your credit. card quantity nothing else simply literally. hold it so. now you click the place order and. it is going to instantly ask you for. the bling tackle so you may placed. anything you desire here you don't have to. really divulge your self in right here. you should a minimum of positioned anything so. try to placed the call in right here and then the. city and the postal code and you have to. post you recognize. do not certainly put up their genuine plus soccer . you recognize yet try to fill out these. informations. if you place a phone quantity to be able to.
Be private about this sort of stuff simply. go ahead and placed whatever you need to. but make sure you fill the sort of. stuff. out and then it's just how you need to. pay it so you don't have to click on. bitcoin paypal or buying move. you simply need to click the account. stability and once you've performed this you. simply ought to click region order and. when you try this it is surely going to. show up. on this vicinity as you will see that it is going. to show you the complete everything that. you're gonna do. the uh transaction wide variety the order date. or whatever like that. and it's gonna also send you an e mail. approximately this so that you don't have any. difficulties and you'll have a transaction. you don't really need that electronic mail due to the fact. you don't surely. paying or whatever you also can download. this yet you do not have to so click on. pay order.
There we move bill movement has been. proceeded. so now we simply have to easily um. refresh your page so as you will see i. have mine right here it truly is the free server. web hosting then you definitely simply need to move forward. and visit the console. and as you will discover that's my console. for my bot and as you can find just. anything taking place in right here so. firstly what are you gonna do is. method you simply have got to pass ahead and. pass click eliminate. access and as you can find when you. eliminate access at the moment we see the uh. information in right here make sure you do not. shoot your passwords as well so it won't. have any drawback so. as you will see it says ftp entry which. is usually recommended by filezilla click the. filezilla here. once you click on this you'll see. download filezilla client and down load. filezilla server so. once you did this you just just have.

To click on the filezilla client we. don't desire server so. after which we will cross forward and. install it and ii'm going to click on the. down load i don't need any kind of different. kind of plans because simply. waste useless and ii'm going to close. this and as you'll discover you simply must. move forward. and iinstall filezilla definitely certain and. there we cross. i agree and uh it's loading your information. at this time. there we move so now we are in right here we're. going to click on the all users because. it doesn't really count and we are going. to click the discontinue icon if we'd like it. i don't desire it so i'll click on. next and yeah next. subsequent is our customization and ii think. that's nearly it and after it's. gonna. set up after which we are gonna click. the start filezilla now so. when we do this it is gonna. instantly you recognize says welcome to.
Filezilla. and in right here we just virtually simply need to. see username. username host and password port earlier than. doing this. although we just ought to go forward and do. whatever we're gonna click on edit. settings and iin the settings tab we have. to click on. on the passive mode so it is where is. a good number of difficulties happening so you have. to ensure that that is on fall again. to active mode. that is where normally logging difficulties. happens because you're utilizing external ip. address or something like that so make. certain you click this. this could be on that putting or you. will be unable to hook up with your. filezilla distant text so now we are going. to head ahead and put the host. my host is just this aspect here and. be sure to proportion your password. in right here i'm going to show you in somewhat. so we're going to put the port. to make sure there's no difficulties right here.
And then that's essentially it so. we're additionally going to head ahead and set the. username to boot so there we pass we've. the username so. actually we have this here and a username. um. after which that announces so we're going to. click on the password i'm going to reproduction. and paste the password for a second. and then click on rapid connect so we are. going to avoid wasting password as well because. routinely you need to you know speedy. entry to it. uh now we're gonna pass ahead and necessarily. permit anything you recognize let's simply click on. on good day and load this. and there we go we are effectively. connected to the sa you recognize the service. so. the dossier is a lot of factors in order you. can see i've already a folder right here. called proxy due to the fact i already have a. button right here. so virtually move forward and find your bot. that you've. you recognize i've it in here you simply have.
to move and simply drag. and drop it right here but that is wherein i pronounced. that do not replica node mannequin so just. delete this folder we don't desire this. in any respect because it's simply useless um. but when you really need it make a backup. of your folder so you wouldn't have any. problems after which the delete node. modules and then make a folder in here. i'm going to call it directory experiment. after which i am gonna go ahead and drag it. and drop all of these except. git we don't need this in addition we don't. needn't modules in addition so. now we're gonna click this and it's. we are gonna drag this and it's gonna you. recognize do a process for us so. there we move it is gonna take a few when. because it's trying to i am not gonna. take. a few when because we aren't in fact. copying truly now not modules it is simply. some . documents that aren't even like a one.
Megabyte i'm sorry there we cross move. finish alpha is efficiently transferred. so. that is basically which you actually. finish every little thing with the aid of doing this. so. i believe that is just about it each time. you must connect into your you recognize. service you only have to easily click on. this drop down after which. click this location here so it is mine. i am gonna anytime click on this one. yours ought to be different now i am honestly. gonna go to the file manager and that i. should have the ability to see. something superb so that is going to. be the experiment. so there we cross we have this here and as. you can see we've all the documents. right here so. we've got to turn on the bot genuinely we. just have to do one thing we need to do. the configuration here. and then ensure you positioned make sure you . click node factor eleven or eleven. or the newest version in my opinion is.
the best one you are utilizing python then. use. python whatsoever and then you don't need. any variety of crown make that's blank on. the console. and then you simply simply ought to cross. forward and prevent approach which you. have. and once you've done this you ought to. also do something so if i click on discontinue. you need to click b rebuild earlier than. you do anything. it is gonna rebuild every thing at the. server for you since you you recognize we. further new. stuff and um it's gonna take a few whilst. for you to reload ok yeah so it is. already rebuild. every little thing so i'm able to now i suppose to begin. i click on begin i forgot. we're gonna start and there we go now we. have access to everything. due to the fact we have a folder referred to as if you. remember we've a folder called. experiment right here we've to ensure that we. see the into the folder so we have to do.
Cd. and the folder name that you positioned so we. click enter and now we are within the . folder up. that bot that we placed so now we clearly. need to do node. dot and it's gonna say can't discover. node mannequin disk or digest clearly repair. this element in only 1 moment. you just need to do npmi that is it. actually it's gonna instantly. set up everything you wish there is not any. worries about aanything at all. and there we pass we effectively. set up it and we've to do node. dot for turning on our. bot in a moment it's literally like. console but it's on line that is pretty. dope although. and there we go buttons on line you. ultimately controlled to make your bot. 24 7 without any problems um i. desire i train you guys this will never be. hard like heavily it really is the best. way you could host a discord bot. i remember hiroko became a large number of difficulties.
a lot of people have brother difficulties. with it. and i recognise that this anything hosts. is much more higher than that and it is. actually 24 7. it's not like there's. going to be a down time and there's not. going to be a dino hour or anything like. that it's literally. every single month till lifetime it is. simply literally on-line you cannot. the bot should not instantly. turn off or anything and that's particularly. dope. for my part i am pursuing personally. utilizing it for my bot. proxy as keep in mind and yeah that is especially. a lot it anyways that's how you can host. your discord bar for free. actually no problems in any respect in case you have. any difficulties comment down lower than join. our discord server i am additionally going to put. whatever that hosts this institution server. in addition i will also link in the. description you can pass ahead and determine.
It out become a member of our discord server countless. difficulties to boot i may also help you men. there in addition. and every time you need to edit whatever. absolutely just have to visit the file. manager in right here. and uh edit whatever you wanted. to so i will click this for. example and as you will discover i have. commands. you know for instance band command if i. click on this ear it is gonna you recognize as. you will see. every little thing in right here you could edit. whatever and likewise it is funny that how. it appears like if usually a town path. if i kind. message it is going to you know show like. a code resource it's quite dope though. like everything in this website is clear. and and actually. with none problems or bugs and i by no means. seen lemon like this earlier than because i. have partnered with different form of. web hosting people searching for products that it wasn't very.